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Valid format codes: 11 = Standard Customer Barcode, 45 = Reply Paid Barcode, 59 = Customer Barcode 2, 62 = Customer Barcode 3

Sample Data

Here are some sample barcodes from the Guide to Printing the 4-State Barcode.


This barcode is used by Australia Post. It has a variable length of 37 to 67 bars, and is height-modulated (the vertical bars are different lengths) and 4-state (there are four different kinds of bars). Each encoded digit is represented by a group of two adjacent bars. Part of the barcode is customer-defined; the person who prints it out can decide what to put there. The specification document defines an encoding for storing alphanumeric characters in three bars each, or users can make up their own encoding. No matter what information is included, the entire barcode is protected by a sophisticated Reed-Solomon error correcting system.

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