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Here are some sample barcodes from the specification document.


The Customer Barcode (or CBC) is used by the Royal Mail in the UK. It has a length of 34 to 42 bars. It is height-modulated (the vertical bars are different lengths) and 4-state (there are four different kinds of bars). Each character of data is represented by a group of four bars. Within each group, there are exactly two bars that extend upward and two that extend downward.
The decoder attempts to flag errors as soon as it sees them, but of course it might be wrong. The barcode includes a check digit which can sometimes detect incorrectly entered codes, but it does not provide enough information to correct errors.

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Here is the Javascript code for the CBC barcode decoder. You can download it and do whatever you like with it. Use the HTML file below to run it locally on your computer - just save both files in the same place.
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